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Can you choose the best acoustic guitar without any prior knowledge or experience? No, you certainly cannot! And when you’re a beginner, there are plenty of things you need to know before you get your first music instrument. So, you’d ideally look for a guitar teacher who wouldn’t help until you paid high training fee. A professional guitarist can only go as far as inviting you to his upcoming concert, or share bits and pieces of information that will be helpful as you learnt all the basics.

​So, what’s the best way to learn about this attractive instrument? Well, you’ve already got your answer. This post is meant for you, whether you’re searching for the best beginner guitar or need all the technical information of how to use this equipment without damaging the strings or hurting your fingers. Even for a complete stranger, this post offers a great learning opportunity. Rest depends upon your eagerness and dedication.

But before anything else, you better understand what instruments are out there in the market to suit your need. Here, we will not only explain all the technical specs of the best bass guitar, but will also help you find one in the lights of experts’ opinions and online customer reviews.​

5 of The Best Acoustic Guitar 2017

With some great features and a touch of the latest technology, these guitars will tempt you to get you hands on them. The price could be a big factor but we will make sure to bring you the most affordable ones.

2017's Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Reviews

1. Epiphone DR-100 (Dreadought), Ebony

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

If you’re a pro, you’d definitely know about Epiphone, one of the pioneers of guitar industry in Americas. For centuries they have been making this instrument for young and old alike, and DR-100 is yet another addition in the list.

Epiphone DR-100 Dreadnought is one of the bestselling guitars and rate very highly in the market. Available in Ebony color, DR-100 Dreadnought has some mouthwatering features on show for guitar enthusiasts, as well as first-timers. The construction has all the basics and quality to make this guitar qualify for the best beginner guitar.

It has got the traditional shape with the back made of Mahogany. If you look closely, you will find that the top is made of finest spruce, and the sides made of mahogany. That means, the more you’ll play this guitar, the better it will become.

To match the tone, the fingerboard and the bridge are made of carved Rosewood – one of the best material that ensures long life of your guitar. Rosewood endures stress better than any other material. The Mahogany neck features a 25.5-inch scale for better durability and is attached to the 14th fret. The fingerboard features dot fret markers. To complement the SlimTaper shape, Epiphone DR-100 features Sloped Dovewing headstock with die-case premium tuners.

The materials ensure that the sound quality is great and the warm bass along with high projection make it a great entry level guitar. It’s a right handed guitar by default but you can order for a left handed one if you want. It offers great price value.​

2. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

Well, if you’re really tight on budget, yet don’t want to compromise on quality, either consume extra time finding the one that meet both the requirements, or settle for Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar that has all the elements of the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

This is a cute looking guitar available at extremely low price. It has Satin finish. The top is made of Spruce while the base and the back side with Nato Lamination. The tuning machines are covered with chrome to ensure durability. The fret board is made up of Rosewood.

If you look at the specifications, S35 has a dreadnought body, Advanced “X” bracing, 25.5-inch scale length, 20 frets Nato neck, Rosewood bridge, chrome covered heads and strings made of light gauge bronze. It weighs just under 6 pounds, so kids over 10 can easily hold it. The only downside is the plastic back that may affect the quality of acoustic sound.

As far as the performance is concerned, this guitar is a great choice for beginners for two reasons. It’s sound quality and operation is extremely user friendly. The manufacturer itself suggests that the instrument should be used by beginners as its high quality acoustic tones and projections make it a versatile instrument. Hence, you can play any type of music through it. It has 6 strings and is full sized.

It’s a right handed guitar and we’re not sure if there is an option for modification for left handed people. It does not have an output jack as it is purely an acoustic guitar that will take you back in the old days. Many customers lauded the price saying that it is comparable to the expensive guitars and serves as a great training instrument. It comes with a life time warranty so it’s almost a freebie for you.​

3. Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strings, Strap, Picks, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and Polishing Cloth

Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Yet another cool guitar you can get your hands on, the Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle is a great choice if you are a versatile music lover. You can play almost any type of music through this guitar. Also, it lies in the lower price ranges so it is an ideal choice for learners.

The guitar has a dreadnought body shape. Its top is made of spruce while the back and side is made of laminated Agathis, a different type of wood. One of the good things about this guitar is that you get all the necessary accessories with it as well. Extra strings, strap and picks all packaged in a bag come with this guitar.​

It’s a full sized guitar so users suggest that it may not be the best option for kids. It’s a purely acoustic guitar so you can’t plug and play like an electric guitar as well. However, customers suggest that this guitar is great for practicing and even for local concerts.

If you are in your learning stage, we would recommend this for learning new tunes. The tones are of high quality and the projection is also great. In the race of best acoustic guitars for a price under $200, this instrument rates pretty high. The guitar has a weight of just 9.5 pounds, which may look a little heavier than other models, but it’s all about high-quality sound.

What else would you get? As said it’s a complete guitar package for learners, Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle features a gig bag for cover and protection. The clip-on tuner saves a few bucks and offer easy tuning. Moreover, you’ll get string winder, straps and picks, and not to forget that instructional DVD from Austin Bazaar. Technically speaking, you have everything it takes to play and maintain your acoustic guitar.​

4. 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package​

38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

As the name suggests, SKY119 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package is a great way to start your guitar-playing career. It has everything to make your serious impression over the audience.

SKY119 has a completely black body with a luscious glossy finish. The silver color of the steel string adds more style and glamour to its bold looks. The entire construction is made of wood, so, you’ll get highly acoustic and natural sound.

One of the best features of this guitar is the user friendliness. It is extremely easy to adjust and retune the guitar. The extra set of strings and tuners allow you a bit more room for making mistakes so it is an ideal product for new starters with guitars. The whole body is made out of wood and it weighs around 6.7 pounds. Hence, it can be used by children as well. A shoulder strap is also a part of the many accessories that come with this guitar.

The guitar is meant for right handers only, but you can still google for better options. All the accessories and the guitar come in a gig back so you can wear it to your live performances in college or concerts. The cost is quite within the reach of newcomers with really tight budget. So, if you need to convince your parents, you’re good at playing guitar, get 38-inch SKY119 guitar package at under $50. It can be a great gift to your 14-year old kid on his birthday party. It’s a great deal and probably too tempting to resist.

5. Crescent MG38-BK 38″ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package​

Crescent MG38-BK 38″ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

The last but not the least in our list of best acoustic guitars, we have this starter package from Crescent. It’s Crescent MG38-BK 38″ Acoustic Guitar Starter Package, available in bold black color. The combination of bold black with the silver steel rings make this guitar a lot more attractive and gives it a high profile look.

It has got wooden frames which have black glossy finish. Accessories that accompany this guitar include a Crescent Digital E-tuner that allows you to visually tune your guitar, a six tone pitch pipe, picks, strings and a gig bag to carry all this stuff along with your guitar.

With such good quality of tones, it becomes easier to try different varieties of music. Tuning is fairly simple and the pitch pipe and e tuner give you a completely different tuning experience altogether. Since all the accessories are available, you won’t have to wait for anything as soon as the item arrives at your place. You can instantly start practicing and playing your favorite tunes.

It’s one of those products that can be bought at around $50, so it is actually a great gift item as well. Then, there are quite a few options in terms of colors. Especially for the young ones, it is a good learning tool.

Obviously, you cannot expect it to be one of those top-performing instruments that are meant for extreme flexibility, customizability and comfort, but still, your young one will feel like a rock star. MG38-BK Acoustic Guitar a highly affordable and has been quite popular amongst customers.

​There is nothing much to talk about versatility as this instrument is only good for practice. You may have some issues with steel strings quite close to each other. Most of the customers find MG38-BK a handy instruments for their kids under 14.

How to Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar?

Do not be myopic when it comes to buying a guitar. Think of long term benefits you can get. The guitar should produce adequate sound and be able to get tuned easily. Most importantly, you first ever guitar should be playable and have best acoustic guitar strings. For starters, it does not even have to be expensive. Of course, there is difference between a cheap and an expensive guitar. Best beginner guitar of high quality can even be used at intermediate level.

best acoustic guitar

You will master beginner level skills of guitar soon enough so it is smart to make a long term investment. Go for something that may just need some minor upgrades when you have crossed the beginner level. This is especially ideal in case you are not sure if you will be able to learn to play or guitar or would like to play in the future. You can find a cheap guitar with potential to upgrade just in case you want to resume learning. You cannot really estimate how long it will take to learn the guitar.

The following points should help you in getting a guitar with the most outcomes:​

What is your choice, top, solid or laminated?

There is difference between a solid top and a laminated top. Solid wood tends to be a better option. But here is the thing: craftsmanship and skills of the maker can really put a difference to the guitar. Even with bad tone woods you can have a good guitar if the craftsmanship was great. It is of course good to have high quality materials but with untrained personal and amateur skills, the guitar will remain to be of low quality.

The difference on the output is not really that much. You must have heard high pressure laminated guitars are not a good choice. That is not the case. You must go for what you can afford and what suits you. These are the things someone with a lot of experience should care for. Since beginners must focus on learning the guitars, this should not be a high concern. It will not have a direct impact on your learning.

Which of the two types of strings you’d go for?​

There is no specific type of string designated for learning guitars. This is a misconception that some strings are better for learning guitars. When we talk about strings, we are talking about the styles you are going to play. This is where the type plays a part. There is a significant between the two types when it comes to the style of playing.

Steel strings are more optimal for jazz, blues, rock music. Honestly, these are good for playing anything, anything but classic. If you are not going to practice anything classic the steel strings should be your guitar’s strings.

The other type, nylon strings, is best for classical music. If you want to study folk music and practice classical tunes then nylon strings are best suited for this style. Almost all classical instruments involve nylon strings.

What not to do when buying an acoustic guitar

Telling someone what not to do is equally important as telling what to do. So here you go:

  • Avoid Plastic Hardware: There are few things to look out for when buying your acoustic guitar. You should not go for a guitar with plastic hardware like the tuning pegs or the bridge. This is usually found on extremely cheap guitars and if you are paying a reasonable price for your guitar, then it should never have these things made out of plastic. This is to be avoided at all costs.
  • Avoid Small Size: Size should be your big concern as well. It is good to start off playing with a full sized guitar. Small size will not provide adequate learning curve for a beginner. The best guitar for beginners is a full size guitar that helps familiarize them with all the important characteristics of the guitar.


Finally, your journey to get the best acoustic guitar will be complete as you funnel down your options through all those filters we’ve listed above. Like any other instrument, guitar also has a long history and attention grabbing features that require an entire book to cover. But this post made sure you don’t miss any basics while choosing your first music instrument.

  • If you’re purchasing online, always read the specs, FAQ’s, expert reviews, customer reviews and other technical information on the e-commerce site.
  • You may need to verify a thing or two from manufacturer’s website. So, take note of that.
  • If you cannot decide, pick from our list of best acoustic guitars for beginners.
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